We are excited to announce the following activities at the BYU Japanese Language Fair: 

Opening Ceremony – Welcome and introduction

Radio Taiso – A fun Japanese tradition of stretching and light exercise accompanied by music.

Scavenger Hunt –  Students will receive a list of items in Japanese that can be found at different booths. Students who find all the items receive a prize.

Store – Various Japanese items will be available for purchase. Students will purchase goods in Japanese. 

Shuuji – Students will write simple Japanese characters with traditional brushes and rice paper. 

Origami – Students will make various objects out of traditional Japanese paper.

Video Contest – This year’s theme is kotowaza. Videos will be judged for theme choice, language quality, creativity, and overall production. Two entries per school.  Submissions are due by April 9, 2019. 

Haiku Contest – Haiku and/or manga will be judged for content, accuracy, and humor. Three entries per school.  Submissions are due by April 9, 2019. The winner will receive a prize. 

*Please send PDF haiku submissions to Professor Stoneman at

Room numbers for activities will be posted in the TMCB on the day of the event.