We are excited to announce the following program at the BYU Japanese Language Fair: 



Opening Ceremony
Welcome and introduction about Japanese Language Fair 2023 from professors of Japanese Department


– Theater Room
You can take a break from other activities and get recharged in this room. Enjoy watching the episodes from the NihonGO NOW video series in the background.


– Japanese Language Room
Get a glimpse of Japanese language classes taught at BYU by participating in the following activities.
・JAPAN 101 (Beginner):  Find out and learn how to appropriately share snacks in Japanese. 
・JAPAN 201 (Intermediate): Enjoy learning and making a Okonomiyaki with a team. 
・JAPAN 301 (Advance): Finish a yonkoma manga about one of the famous Japanese folktales by coming up with a creative twist and conclusion to the story. 


– Tadoku Room
This room will have a variety of reading materials including short stories and manga. Enjoy the world of tadoku or pleasure reading!


– Traditional Culture Room
Haiku and Calligraphy:
Choose your favorite haiku from the selection. Practice your Japanese calligraphy skills by writing one of the characters from a haiku. 


– Japanese Culture Dance Room
・Bonodori: Learn the basic steps of a bonodori song and experience a festive Japanese atmosphere.  


– Food Court
Enjoy the curry rice prepared by the Japanese House students from BYU.


Kawaii Shop
Enjoy shopping kawaii things related to Japan! 


Closing Ceremony